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Set up eligible direct deposits then opt-in to get covered for every purchase.*

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Overdraft Protection Overdraft Protection

Did you know?

While most banks average a fee of $34-$35 per overdraft, a Green Dot overdraft fee is on average half of what other banks charge.* In fact, the majority of Green Dot customers don’t pay a fee as they repay the overdraft within 24 hours!*

How it works

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View the quick help guide to see how to set up direct deposit with just a few simple steps.

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Once set up, follow the directions to opt in for overdraft protection. Remember, you must meet the direct deposit eligibility requirements before you can opt in.

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Coverage is based on your direct deposits, overdraft activity, and account status. You’ll have 24-hours to bring your balance to at least $0 to avoid a fee.

Want to learn more? Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

See our overdraft protection FAQs